Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we balance our body, mind and spirit as one. During sessions, my aim is to facilitate your body's innate healing ability to restore your balance and well-being.

With the help of emotional balancing tools such as Australian bush flower essences and home reinforcement in-between sessions, you will soon feel grounded and empowered as you begin your journey to wellness.


Living with emotional and mental stress can have a debilitating effect on your body resulting in chronic stress and fatigue, as well as a myriad of health conditions.

The Kinesiologist tests muscles around the body to identify stress that may be linked to energy imbalances in the body. Kinesiology helps:

  • release trapped emotions 

  • release negative belief systems  

  • clear sabotage programs

  • balance physical misalignment

  • heal muscle injury

  • nutritional balance

  • clear environmental stress

  • gain spiritual clarity

  • empower you to fulfil your goals

Working holistically, this natural therapy will help restore the natural flow of energy to all your body's organs, muscles and tissues. With energy balancing techniques and emotional tools to support you along the way, your journey to wellness will be blissful and complete. 

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Pregnant Woman in Nature


Pregnancy pre-conception and post-birth can be a beautiful, precious and rewarding journey, but often there are struggles with: 

  • getting pregnant

  • morning sickness

  • pregnancy blues

  • emotional stress

  • negative and limiting belief systems

  • pain and discomfort

  • digestive disorders

  • fears around your labour and birth

Kinesiology can provide many healing benefits to women on an emotional and physical level. It can explore the physical, emotional and mental "triggers" to find what you need to approach this stage of life.

Having experienced IVF and two pregnancies, it would be my honour to walk by your side both before and after your little bundle arrives. 


Since Kinesiology is such a gentle, yet powerful therapy, parents and their children, including babies, can both benefit from a wide range of emotional balancing tools and techniques used.

Is your family experiencing any of these:

  • transition to a new home or school?

  • separation of parents? 

  • death of a pet or loved one?

  • behavioural issues?

  • financial hardship?

  • mental health disorders?

  • another challenging situation?

Often emotions like anxiety, fear and overwhelm can take over the body and cause emotional outbursts and feelings of insecurity.

In my years of experience, I have discovered that Australian bush flower essences and pure essential oils play a powerful role in emotional healing.

I frequently use these to help the whole family release feelings of pain, hurt and emotional turmoil, and to increase spiritual awareness and connection.

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Using muscle testing, kinesiology can help find the root cause of the problem whether it be on a physical, mental or emotional level.

By activating different muscles and testing them at different angles (usually with arms and legs), I can quickly identify the imbalances that are causing pain and discomfort in the body.

Treatment involves the use of gentle, yet powerful techniques fused together from Chinese medicine and Western Chiropractic theory. Kinesiology can help: 

  • release the muscle memory of old injuries

  • restore movement and flexibility 

  • improve posture 

  • reduce muscular pain

  • alleviate tension and tightness

  • improve circulation 

When our body is feeling strong, comfortable and at ease, we can get on with living life to our full potential.



Kinesiology is an effective modality for helping you with digestive issues. Are you suffering from:

  • abdominal bloating or gas?

  • discomfort in your stomach area?

  • pain?

  • food sensitivities?

  • allergic reactions to food?

  • abnormal bowel movements? 

Often when we experience digestive issues, it is due to long standing emotional trauma or issues causing an imbalance in the body's digestive and other systems.

Identifying the triggers and working with the body on a nutritional level to locate nutritional excess or deficiency will be a valuable starting point. Supplements can also be tested to identify which vitamins and minerals can be added or deleted to enhance your well-being. 

With gentle muscle testing, I can instantly detect foods that are causing your symptoms and work with you over several sessions to clear the body of  nutritional stress or find alternatives that your body will tolerate.   

Kinesiology works gently to realign the body's energy on an emotional, physical and nutritional level allowing health and healing to occur. 


Nasty chemicals and toxins from the environment can accumulate in our bodies over short and long periods of time lowering our immune system and wreaking havoc in our systems. 

You might be reacting to any of the following substances when you sneeze, cough, get itchy eyes or headaches, and break out in hives. Could it be:

  • dustmites?

  • soaps?

  • pollens?

  • washing and laundry detergents?

  • creams and moisturisers? 

  • perfume?

  • make-up?

  • pet fur?

  • pesticides?

By placing the product on the body, muscle testing is used to identify the substance that is causing the body's reaction. The results are instant and you might decide to eliminate the hazard, find alternative products that your body will not react to, or work with me over several sessions to clear the  body of the stress.


Life can sometimes feel like a wild roller coaster ride with pressures and stress weighing us down from all sides. You are not alone and abundant support is out there when you trust that the universe has your back. 

You just need to tap into this powerful energy to raise your vibration, and gather a little bit of courage to start your journey. Remember baby steps are the best steps you can take. 

I'll be with you all the way with the use of powerful kinesiology techniques and stress release to discover your body's innate healing ability. Are you feeling:

  • stuck with achieving your goals?

  • like you have lost your way?

  • discouraged?

  • low self esteem?

  • lonely?

  • a lack of direction?

  • disconnected to friends and family?

  • disconnected from your higher self?

Let's explore this journey together to get you back on track, and in alignment with your goals.

It would be my honour to help you feel empowered to live your life with true purpose and without the need to look back.


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