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Dedicated to helping people in pursuit of health, love and happiness, I inspire people to grow into the highest, healthiest version of themselves. As a lotus flower emerges from murky mud to beauty and perfection, the unfolding of each petal in the morning light represents new beginnings.

My passion is to walk beside you during your wellness journey by connecting each facet of your being - your body, mind and soul.  

I am an accredited Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner with a Diploma in Kinesiology recognised by the Australian Kinesiology Association, Australian Institute of Kinesiologists, and the Australian National Training Authority.



As a truly holistic therapy, Kinesiology combines the wisdom and healing of Eastern and Western techniques to restore balance and increase energy flow to all parts of the body. Drawing support from the Chinese system of acupuncture as well as Chiropractic theory, its effective results come from the way it works with the body’s innate healing ability.

Kinesiology looks at the individual as a whole and unique being and understands that to achieve homeostasis, a state of equilibrium, we need physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of our being to be in balance.




Have never tried Kinesiology before and decided to go with Maya since reading reviews. Have been feeling overwhelmed with single parenting, dealing with court proceeding and studying full time. I needed to find a way to overcome and manage it. Maya is such a beautiful soul. Very understanding, patient and supportive. Learning to listen to what my body needed was an incredible experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to resolve on any issues of past and present. Kinesiology works in alignment with the Chinese meridian but it is so much more. Hard to explain, it works with other modalities depending on your situation and what your body needs. It is based on how our own bodies have an innate sense of healing. During this session I had walked in with pain in my lower back. As I walked out the pain in my lower back was no longer there. I didn't tell even tell Maya about my back pain but so grateful that I don't have it anymore. So grateful that we found each other and thank you for assisting me on my self discovery journey.

An Le

Before my first kinesiology appointment with  Maya, I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed & fatigued. Maya introduced me to kinesiology with a gentle energy balance & I left feeling calmer, more mentally centred - "back on track".

In subsequent appointments Maya looked at deeper energy blockages & we worked on resolving these. Maya is a calm, positive person & with her reassuring approach, you feel you are in a safe, relaxed environment to gain the most benefit from the therapy.

Elisha Budzevski

Kinesiology isn’t something I was keen about until I met Maya. I had a torn quadricep for a while due to which I was unable to walk or run normally. But all thanks to kinesiology I am completely cured now. I am still amazed by this method of healing. Maya made me realize how my emotions were the reason that blocked my healing. She helped me letting go of those emotions and that linked to my physical well-being. 
I would highly recommend her!!! 

Aanisah Rengony

Maya is a gentle, intuitive, passionate and highly skilled practitioner. Her love and care emanate from her beautiful soul which is hard to miss. She is a gifted professional to the people who come to her and to the wellness industry.

Evelyn Joyce

I am a 62 year old woman suffering from a constant back problem for 24 years. Been trying all sorts for relief of this problem. I have been to Maya recently for two kinesiology treatments. After the treatments I forgot how wonderful to live life without pain.

I will definitely be going to her for any future body balance treatments. I recommend anyone to have a body balance with Maya. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Maya.

Maya is an amazing Kinesiologist who helped me with my lower pain pain during my pregnancy. She has so much knowledge and such a professional yet gentle manner. 

My back pain was significantly reduced after my first session and completely gone by the end of the second. There were also some emotional aspects linked to not feeling supported that were identified and cleared as well which allowed me to feel stronger and calmer for the remainder of my pregnancy. I’d highly recommend Maya for any physical emotional health concerns.

Helary Meeks

Tracey Griffiths


Please note, Maya's wellness clinic is located at Kuraby, Brisbane QLD.

If you prefer, please feel free to call or text me on 0413 333013. 

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