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A Little About Me

As an accredited Results Coach, and Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner with a Diploma in Kinesiology, I am dedicated to helping people in pursuit of health, balance and an extraordinary life. I love inspiring people to develop a positive mindset which will have a profound ripple effect onto all aspects of their life.


I came across Kinesiology for the first time when I was pregnant with my first-born. Suffering from morning sickness, I had profound results after seeing a Kinesiologist, noticing a sense of lightness and clarity after the session. To my surprise, the side effects of pregnancy soon passed as my body felt at ‘home’ in its balanced state. With my emotional blockages removed, I felt a new confidence in my transition to motherhood without the discomfort of nausea. 


This transformation empowered me to start my own wellness journey, a journey that grants me the incredible gift of helping others receive the benefits of kinesiology.

How I can support you and your family in your journey to wellness:-



Children & Teenagers

Digestive Issues and Food Sensitivities

Food and Supplement Testing 

Environmental Stress

Get Connected and Aligned

Weight Loss

In addition to using kinesiology techniques, I love working with Australian Bush flower remedies, aromatherapy and a variety of other powerful tools, as I have found these to enhance emotional healing. 

Wherever you are in your journey of life, I would be honoured to support you along the way,


Maya xx

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