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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Pregnancy - before conception and beyond

Pregnancy pre-conception and post-birth can be a beautiful, precious and rewarding journey, but many women struggle with: 

  • getting pregnant

  • overcoming morning sickness

  • pregnancy blues

  • emotional stress

  • lack of self-worth

  • lack of support from their their partners

  • negative and limiting belief systems

  • physical pain and discomfort 

  • digestive disorders

  • fears around labour and birth

Kinesiology can provide many healing benefits for mum and baby on an emotional, mental and physical level. It can help support you with the tools to maintain a calm and relaxed pregnancy with kind and gentle support throughout your pregnancy, and beyond.

Having experienced IVF and two natural pregnancies, it would be my honour to walk by your side both before and after your little bundle arrives. 

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