$125 (1.5 hours)

Experience Kinesiology in a relaxed setting to discover how this gentle modality can reduce your stress, restore your body's natural balance and open pathways for your healing and wellness.   

With the use of muscle testing, Kinesiology focuses on the body's innate ability to heal itself and works closely with your body's energy on a physical, emotional mental level to uncover the underlying cause of your emotional stress. 

Your session may incorporate frequency therapy, flower essences, aromatherapy and nutritional support along with a diverse range of techniques found in Chinese medicine and Western healing techniques.

Working on the model of self responsibility, an important aspect of your session will be home reinforcement (the activities that you can do in-between sessions) to enhance a deeper connection of your body's healing on all levels.

Girl with Teacher


$95 (1 hour)

Kinesiology sessions with children and teens are offered with a positive, nurturing and gentle approach. Is your child suffering from:

  • lack of confidence or self-worth?

  • anxiety or depression?

  • transition to a new home or school?

  • bullying?

  • separation of parents?
  • struggles with weight loss?

  • death of a pet or loved one?

  • behavioural issues?

  • issues with mental health?

Kinesiology is a powerful modality because it is gentle, yet so effective whilst working with the body's innate knowledge of what it needs to heal.

On a physical, mental and nutritional level, muscle testing can identify what the body needs in order to achieve balance and well-being. On an emotional level, releasing fragile emotions and negative experiences of the world can help ignite children and teens to become the best version of themselves.

With the help of counselling and emotional balancing tools for home reinforcement, working one-on-one strengthens the child's confidence and resilience, helping them to shine with their unique qualities and talents. 


Unfolding petals of healing in your journey to wellness