During our Kinesiology sessions, my goal is to create heart centered space for you to connect to your body on a deep level, allowing you to unfold petals of healing in your growth and transformation. 

Living with stress, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or nutritional stress can have a debilitating effect on your body resulting in chronic fatigue as well as a myriad of health conditions. Combining the wisdom and healing of Eastern and Western techniques, our sessions will be focussed on restoring your body's natural energy and balance.

With the aid of emotional balancing tools such as bush flower essences, aromatherapy, energy frequency and home reinforcement, you will soon gain a deeper connection to yourself, and feel empowered to take charge of your health and your life. 

Ways I can support you and your family in your journey to wellness:-

Pregnancy - before conception and beyond

* Children and teenagers

* Get connected and aligned

* Digestive issues and food sensitivities

* Food and supplement testing
* Weight loss

* Reduce muscular pain

* Clear environmental stress

Call or text Maya on 0413 333013
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