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Happy Teenagers

Children and Teenagers

Since Kinesiology is such a gentle, yet powerful therapy, children and teenagers can also benefit from a wide range of emotional tools and energy balancing techniques used in this modality. Is your child experiencing:

  • lack of confidence or self-worth?

  • anxiety or depression?

  • ​transition to a new home or school?

  • bullying?

  • separation of parents?
  • struggles with weight loss?

  • death of a pet or loved one?

  • behavioural issues?

  • issues with mental health?

Often emotions like anxiety, fear and anger can take over the body and cause emotional outbursts and feelings of insecurity.

With the help of counselling and emotional balancing tools for home reinforcement, working one-on-one strengthens their confidence and resilience, helping them to shine with their unique qualities and talents. 

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