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Clear environmental stress

Nasty chemicals and toxins from the environment can accumulate in our bodies over time without us realising it. This lowers our immune system and wreaks havoc in our body systems. 

Your body might be reacting to an environmental hazard when you cough, sneeze, get itchy or watery eyes, headaches or break out in hives. Could your body be reacting to:

  • dust mites?

  • soaps?

  • pollens?

  • pet hair?

  • washing and laundry detergents?

  • creams and moisturisers? 

  • perfume?

  • make-up?

  • pesticides?

  • toxins found in substances?

Muscle testing is a fast and effective tool to identify the substance/s  causing the body to react with physical symptoms. For some people, eliminating the substance altogether, or finding an alternative product that your body will tolerate will help your body get back on track.

We can also work on a deeper level to clear the body of the stress, rather than eliminate it. An example of this is working with children with pet sensitivities.

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