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Healthy Food

Food and Supplement Testing

Kinesiology provides a fast and effective way to identify foods that are impacting how our body functions and feels on a daily basis. Biogenic foods will strengthen muscles, whereas biocidic foods, as described below, will weaken strong muscles. 

Biogenic foods provide us with energy. They benefit the body by providing the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body uses to grow healthy new tissue.

Biocidic foods are foods that deplete the body of energy and are the potential cause of many nutritional imbalances. It is valuable knowing which foods are harmful to us so that we can create a nutritional plan that is working in our highest good. For some people, cutting some foods out of their diet temporarily, or finding alternatives their body will tolerate will help bring the body back to balance. 

In the same way, muscle testing can be used with nutritional supplements to identify when a person needs to add or stop taking a supplement, or find an alternative supplement to support the body's needs. Nutritional deficiency or excess can also be identified when the need arises.

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