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Digestive Issues and food sensitivities

Kinesiology is an effective modality to help combat your digestive issues. Are you suffering from:

  • abdominal bloating or gas?

  • discomfort or pain in your stomach area?

  • abnormal bowel movements?

  • low energy?

  • irritability or mood changes?

  • skin eruptions?

  • headaches? 

Often when we experience digestive issues, it is due to long standing emotional trauma or issues causing an imbalance in the body's digestive and other systems. Identifying the triggers and working with the body on a holistic level to locate the underlying issues will be a valuable starting point to get your digestive health on track.

Muscle testing can instantly detect foods that are causing your symptoms and nutritional imbalances.  We can work together over several sessions to clear the body of this nutritional stress. 

Kinesiology works gently to realign the body's energy on an emotional, physical and nutritional level allowing health and healing to occur. 

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