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Weight Loss

Kinesiology as a holistic therapy looks at all issues associated with weight loss on a physical, emotional, mental and nutritional level.

Losing weight is so much more than eating less and exercising more. Kinesiology is a powerful tool to gain a deep awareness about how our emotions may be affecting us, and in which part of the body they are causing us stress. 

It may uncover sabotage programs and limiting belief systems that hold us back from our goals. Sometimes it reveals, for example, the reasons why we might be eating in excess or not sticking to our exercise goals. Once these are cleared out of our subconscious, our body regains its natural flow and balance.

With gentle and nurturing support along the way, you will soon feel aligned with your goals, and be able to commit to the steps needed to make profound change in your life. With a new confidence there will be helpful tools to help you discover your highest potential.  

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