As a truly holistic therapy, Kinesiology combines the wisdom and healing of Eastern and Western techniques to restore balance and increase energy flow to all parts of the body. Drawing support from the Chinese system of acupuncture as well as Chiropractic theory, its effective results come from the way it works with the body’s innate healing ability.

Kinesiology looks at the individual as a whole and unique being and understands that to achieve a state of equilibrium, we need physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of our being to be in balance.

"Kinesiology, literally the study of body movement, encompasses holistic health disciplines which use gentle manual muscle testing to monitor information about a person’s well being. It originated in the 1960′s combining Western techniques with Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Kinesiology identifies factors that block the body’s natural healing process.  These dysfunctions are rectified by attention to reflex and acupressure points, the use of specific body movements and nutritional support.  Kinesiology can relieve pain, stress, muscular and nervous disorders; detect allergies and nutritional deficiencies; assist with psychological and learning problems, stimulate energies and release untapped potential" as defined by the British Parliament.

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