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Climbing the ladder higher and higher

Building self esteem is like climbing a ladder. The more steps you climb, the higher you get. The more we practise boosting our self-esteem, the more our confidence grows. The more confidence we gain, the happier our lives will be because we find fulfilment in the things we do, the relationships we have and the careers we choose.

Sadly, many of us feel we are “not enough “– this stems from our experiences as children, as teenagers, and as adults. And then when we have children of our own, we subconsciously model behaviours that teach them that they are not good enough. And so the cycle repeats.

A Kinesiologist will help build your self esteem and confidence by working with you on a deep emotional level to release your negative self-talk and clear your sabotage programs. In this process, identifying and letting go of emotions that may be stuck in your way will help you realise that no matter how long and steep the journey is, it needs to be about letting go. By letting go and releasing the triggers that are getting in your way, happiness is finally in your sight.

If you can relate to feeling this way, you are not alone. We all need help, and help is out there when you just take the courage to climb the ladder one step at a time.

During your Kinesiology sessions, emotional balancing tools such as Bush flower essences and Pure essential oils may be used to aid your emotional healing. Whether you are feeling pain, hurt, anger or emotional turmoil, these tools will help set you free by balancing your emotional mental state and bringing you comfort and peace to heal.

When the time is right, there will be no need to look back or look down. You’ll just keep climbing the ladder, higher and higher.

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