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Unleash your Emotions

Every negative emotion we have felt, every hurtful situation we have ever encountered and every painful injury we have experienced is stored somewhere in our body systems. This may be in our muscles or organs all the way down to the tissues and cells of our body.

What I love about Kinesiology is the ability to help people discover the emotions that are preventing them from living a life of health and happiness. In fact, in every session with every client I have seen, identifying which emotion or emotions are holding them back has helped the person gain profound insight and awareness about why they are feeling the way they are. On a deeper level, knowing that the emotion is linked with the energy meridian of their large intestines, for example, helps them understand why they might recently be experiencing bowel issues.

The magic tool used by every Kinesiologist is muscle testing. Muscle testing is a natural feedback system which receives information via nerve pathways and the meridian system of the brain and body.

In an instant, muscle testing can be used to tap into our subconscious mind to determine the emotions that are stuck or being blocked somewhere in our body. Once these emotions are identified and recognized by the conscious mind, we can gently release these using techniques and emotional balancing tools to bring the body back to balance.

Working with the person on a holistic level also means that we can detect and correct stress on all levels of our being, including our physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, chemical or nutritional facets of our being.

Are you ready to unleash your blocked emotions? Come and experience first-hand the power of muscle testing.

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