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Tackle stress with Kinesiology

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Even as a Kinesiologist, the profound effects it has on people still amazes me.

If there is one thing that is common through all those I see, it is the topic of stress. The emotional and physical manifestations of stress are debilitating.A Kinesiology 'balance' requires a measured, gentle approach that treats the cause, not just the symptom.There are few ailments that don't have some foundation in a bodies impaired energy system. And if there is one great enemy to the energy system of the body, it is stress.

Stress is an emotional response to a physical change. Whether that is a change imposed on us, or something within ourselves we no longer find desirable. These responses can put a strain on our mind, as well as the energy systems of our body. It is why we are always so exhausted when under stress.

Kinesiology treats the body as a whole, using a person's muscles as monitors of stress and imbalance within the body.This helps to identify where energy blockages are, and how to change behavior, belief systems and attitude to clear those blockages and relieve tension.Many even find that they have improved function in other ways too such as in writing, coordination, and artistic skills.

Relief from stress comes from removing toxins, freeing energy blocks and relieving tension. This allows the body to begin to heal itself and to be better prepared for future stress responses.

Kinesiology is a gentle therapy that combines the Eastern philosophies of meridians and energy balancing with anatomy and physiology concepts of the West.

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